[cloud-based metadata management for film productions]

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Tuttle is a hub for shot metadata. Used by all departments and collaborators of a film production, it enables elegant workflows, eliminates duplication of work and makes metadata available to everyone involved in the project

Live overview

Ingesting and manipulating metadata allows all departments to merge their data. Production is always kept up to date and subsequent departments such as post houses and editorial are informed about details of the clips they will receive

Keeping track

All departments can update various tasks, so everybody can get access to the progress of data backup, quality check, VFX, etc.

Avoid duplication

By having access to all metadata such as scene-take, comments, LUTs, grading-values and camera/lense infos and being able to export this data, all departments can optimize their workflows and save valuable time

User Management

Invite participants to your project


Find clips or sets of clips


Create and update tasks on clip level

Data manipulation

Edit clip data

TC Calculator

Convert framerate and see data consumption

Import Export

Parse and export data in various file formats

Dynamic weblinks

Share filtered views that update automatically


Develop an interface that speaks with Tuttle

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